Our team

All the teachers of Baihe – Chinazentrum teach in their mother tongue.

All the teachers have university degrees and have been trained to teach German or Chinese as a foreign language, and they are very experienced.

Our teachers are fluent in other languages, especially Chinese. This ensures that the teachers understand the students’ questions regarding the language structure and theory of the spoken language, and they can give clear and detailed answers.

Professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity
, and most importantly, an understanding character are the most distinctive traits of all teachers and staff at Baihe.


Mag. Julia Grassmugg​

Partner, German teacher, examiner, course leader

Lisa Rock, B.A., MMS

Partner, trainer, examiner, B2B leader

Judith Stelzhammer

Partner, German teacher, ÖSD examiner

Teachers and administrative staff

Franziska Feuerstein, M.A., Bakk. phil

German teacher

MMag. Andrea Bacovsky

German teacher, ÖSD examiner, ÖIF examiner

Mag. Helena Stanek-Neuwirth

German teacher, ÖSD examiner, ÖIF examiner

Minh Son Tu, B.A.

German teacher

Guilan Zhou

German teacher, Chinese teacher, primary school teacher (China)

Xinyu Huang

Office Management

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